about me

who am I?

My name is Liesl, and I’m the sole owner and operator of this blog. But that’s not all I am…

I am a child of God.

I take my faith very seriously. I was baptised into the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod soon after my birth and confirmed a few years ago. I believe that as long as you have God, you have all you need.

I am an author.

I love words! I started writing seriously in early 2020 and started this blog as a way to practice my skills in nonfiction and help other young writers grow. One day, I hope to make writing my full-time career.

I am a human.

Contrary to popular belief, my life is not all sitting at my computer spitting out blog posts. I’m a homeschooler too, and I enjoy things like archery, playing my trumpet, and building elaborate structures in Minecraft.

I am here for you.

I want you, whoever you may be, to be safe and secure and full of hope for the future. I want you to be held by our precious Savior, and if I can help you with that, I beg you to let me know.

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