my favorite fictional heroes

A while back, I posted a list of my favorite fictional heroines. In that post, I promised a list of my favorite fictional heroes soon. Apparently “soon” to me means almost six months later…but here I am, with the foretold list. Let’s jump right in! 5. Nick Wilde I’m absolutely obsessed with this guy. Zootopia … Continue reading my favorite fictional heroes

3 reasons why young writers need powerful community

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending a writer’s conference. But this wasn’t any old conference–it was the YDubs conference. If you’ve never heard of YDubs, you’re probably in the minority of my readers. YDubs is short for YWW, which is short for the Young Writer’s Workshop. When I’m talking to people about YDubs, I … Continue reading 3 reasons why young writers need powerful community


One time, in youth group, we were talking about symbolism and meaning. One person brought up a tattoo that he had seen once: a picture of a bow drawn back with an arrow locked and loaded, ready to fly. He told us that the symbolism behind it was “when life pulls you back, it’s because … Continue reading setbacks.


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