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Callie: A Short Story

Head down, hood up, I recite in my head. Act casual, look casual. This isn’t out of the ordinary. Carrying a bouquet of daisies and forget-me-nots, I walk out of the store. I haven’t paid for them, of course; if I paid for every bouquet I took, I would have been bankrupt long before now. … Continue reading Callie: A Short Story

Kimberly’s Cookies: A Short Story

Merry Christmas, readers! As my gift, I present (heh, get it?) an original Christmas-themed short story. Enjoy! “Kiki!” Kimberly hollered, tying the apron on around her waist. “Taylor!”  Silence from upstairs.  Kimberly heaved a sigh and trudged up the steps, calling, “Get your butts down here!”  Kiki reluctantly cracked open her bedroom door. “Just one … Continue reading Kimberly’s Cookies: A Short Story

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